1001 Mousse 350ml

SKU: 368151
    • Your best friend for tackling wet spills, stains, and ground-in dirt
    • Get your carpet looking amazingly clean in no time
    • 1001 Mousse has a unique rapid-drying formula that works its magic deep-down into fibres to remove stains quickly
    • Designed to effectively tackle ground-in dirt as well as all types of dry spills and stains, 1001 Mousse will deal with red wine, tea, mud, coffee and juice stains – and much more
    • Its unique formula cleans deep into your carpet, preventing future soiling and leaving no sticky residue. You’ll be left with a beautiful, clean carpet
    • 1001 Mousse is your best friend when you want to deal with dry or wet spills or stains quickly and effectively.